Learning management system

Learning management system is situated here http://learning.bsuir.by

To access the Learning Management System (LMS), you should send the following information to   dist@bsuir.by  or grishkevich@bsuir.by​ :

If you are a student: If you liquidate the academic
dissimilarity by certificates:

1. Full name
2. Student card
3. The group number
4. Preferable password for LMS

1. Full name
2. ID code
3. The list of subjects
4. Specialty name
5. Preferable password for LMS
If you have paid additional subject: If you have lost your login and password:
1. Full name
2. Login
3. Subject name
4. Speciality that associates with the discipline

1. Full name
2. Login (If you remember)
3. New password