Lifelong and E-Learning Training in BSUIR

Lifelong and E-Learning Training allows you to get a higher education and a state diploma without leaving of your work location and residence.

Lifelong and E-Learning Training system create a training conditions for the free choice of academic disciplines, provides a dialogue with the tutor by e-mail.

Lifelong and E-Learning Training in BSUIR is:

  • The most qualified instructors, fluent in informational technologies;
  • Opportunity to choose set of disciplines and schedule their studying;
  • The educational process is provided by 28 university departments and near 200 instructors;
  • More than 350 electronic teaching complexes of a discipline;
  • Benefits of the second higher education on the our faculty – possibility of faster training, payments is effected for unstudied disciplines only;
  • Modern and fully functional learning management system by BelITSoft - developer of the e-learning software.

The basic principle of distance learning: "Knowledge must be delivered to the person".